NH Breweries

New hampshire has a rich and bountiful history of brewing beer and we are proud of our stats: we are the largest consumer of beer in the country! So to celebrate, we want to keep you updated where you can go for berewery tours and visit fine providers of craft beer around the state. Currently there are more than 90 breweries operating within the NH border! For the most accurate list, see this NH Beer.

It’s just amazing how many people love good beer and want others to try their works of love. The most wonderful thing is that this energy for creating new brew recipes for folks to share is growing faster everyday. There are tons of great brewpubs out there to visit and enjoy. This means that the love of great beer will be carried on for a long, long time here in New Hampshire!

When good friends and family gather around good food and great beer, awesome memories are created.

So, when you go looking for a new beer to try, look for one of these establishments to sample their products. And if you are just looking to buy some really great tasting beer from the largest selection in the Lakes Region and want to see what’s out there, make sure you look for these and many more varieties of great beers on our shelves and see why people are picking us to be the best reason to try different brews in one convenient location, Case-n-Keg, 5 Mill St, Meredith, New Hampshire!